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Another commonly requested part of our suite of services is the custom garage door option. Remember; a garage door can take up more than half of the visible front part of your property – especially if it’s a residential building. It’s no wonder that so many of our newer Master Garage Door Service clients are inquiring after this option.

 Master Garage Door Service professionals also double as skilled designers. These multiple skills come in handy when our commercial and residential clients request that their custom garage door merges in with the pre-existing style of the property. It is, in fact, with design in mind that we have materials as varied as imported word, brushed aluminum and various transparent and composite hardware for fully realizing the garage door visions that they have.

These options extend to swing garage doors, bifold garage doors, trifold doors, the more traditional overhead garage doors with customizations, and even the eclectic bar inspired garage door. Master Garage Door Service designers can make any and all of these to your precise specifications. As our hardware components come from trusted industry partners that we’ve known for years, the final product will stand the test of time.

The custom built garage door option that we offer is just to show you that security and access the not be the only function the door. Master Garage Door Service happily extends functionality to presentation – in our commercial and residential clients have expressed their satisfaction.

High Security Locks

Master Garage Door Service appreciates the absolutely essential function as a garage door has to the security of your private property or commercial enterprise. As a result, we’ve added high security garage door locks to our inventory. These give you an added layer of control and security to your garage space, and are preferable for sole proprietors, corporations, and residential property owners who use the space for the storage of valuable assets. Additionally, these locks stand a very well to outdoor use.

Shutters and Security Grilles

Shutters and security grilles are other options for our specialty door clients. Master Garage Door Service clients value this light and less costly security solution that nonetheless safeguards your valuable property. In our experience, this specialty solution is best leveraged in retail spaces and other warehouses that are never in jeopardy from the elements.